About Us

We are a family owned and operated pizza restaurant in Abbotsford.


We are a causal pizza place that focus on creating different types of pizzas such as Pesto chicken Pizza, Farm Fresh Paneer Pizza and Royal Veggie are just a few of them.

Made the Quality Way

We use hand cut fresh ingredients and dough is made daily at each location. We buy our produces from local farms in British Columbia.

Our Inspiration

We found that many sacrifices are being made in order to deliver the cheapest price. At First Choice Pizza, our philosophy is to deliver quality pizza at reasonable prices ensuring that every bite worth it.

Pizza Basics

Our dough is made from scratch every morning. We use only the highest quality meats, sliced thick, and layer upon layer until every bite radiates flavor. Our produce is crisp and succulent, and we finish it all off with just the right amount of cheese.

Crispy on top and perfectly melted underneath make every slice sheer delight. The greatest care is taken to ensure every single one of our menu items is prepared fresh and meets our stringent standards.